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Howdy.  You're here because you would like to take some time off. Please submit your request below & your supervisor will respond in a timely manner.

Time off

Here are some reminders from the HR policies:

• Time off may be used for full or half day absences and must be scheduled ahead of time with your supervisor.

○ Time off of less than one week needs to be scheduled two weeks ahead of time, if possible.

○ Time off of one consecutive week needs to be scheduled at least one month ahead of time.

○ Time off of two consecutive weeks needs to be scheduled at least two months ahead of time.

• Employees are responsible for recording time off on their time sheet in the Vacation Time or PTO hours line.

• Time off is subject to supervisor approval. Supervisor may restrict number of employees out at any one time or length of time off if either would be detrimental to the operation of the company.


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