RESPECT :: The Work of Adrien Segal

For more than 99 percent of our history as a species, we evolved in a natural — not in an artificial or human constructed or created — world, and therefore we became deeply attuned to the resident rhythms and stimuli that originate in the natural world…
— Stephen Kellert

While she works with steel and other materials (check this one!) as often as she does wood, these particular pieces show the capabilities that CNC routing has to offer exceptionally well.

You can see more background/process here.

Investigating places where humans and nature overlap, I create art as a means of inquiry, to challenge our understanding of the natural world and our complex and evolving relationship with the environment.

This piece was executed while in an Artist's residency at the Oregon College of Arts and Craft. The milling work was done by our comrades at The Good Mod. They've got some great furnishings over there and offer a heck of a lot more than just that - a case in point is this CNC line drawing by their own, Spencer Staley.

Keep doing the good work, Adrien.

Deep Respect!