RESPECT :: David Paul Seoane, THE Pioneer


Dave Seoane is a jack of many trades. If you’re into digital traces, a quick search of his name will confirm it. His story matters to us for at least two reasons:

1) We have the distinct honor of founding SuperFab in the space that was his workspace, playground and home (!) for the last many years. To inherit the space feels like a special gift, but also a torch passing of sorts that bears some responsibility. Located in the lower half of Nemo Design’s building, Dave has seemed to occupy a special place in the culture around here – a role probably best described as ‘Soul Captain’. As might be expected, the Soul Captain leaves some good sized shoes to fill. Nevertheless, he was exceedingly gracious in his passing along of this wonderful shop space and some nifty equipment in the midst of his growing family’s departure for the Bay Area. We are grateful for the opportunity to step in.

2) The more important reason: He treats work like play + engages with the physical world with an openness and fluidity that can’t be denied. There’s a healthy (and entertaining) collection of videos of his process and work out there (see the above search) + one in particular below… It shows him manning the CNC Router (nowadays our pride and joy) and illuminates his rad Pattern-meets-Epoxy technique in the process. As with most of the traces he’s left on the world so far, it’s most definitely worth a look.

Deep Respect, Dave!

We are put on this earth for a very short stay. To sleep through it is to waste it. Read books, make music and express it with pencils, paint and rigid materials. “Well begun if half done.”
— Seoane